how accurate is facebook active status

My friend, Sarah, took the time to respond to my question about Facebook active status, how accurate it is, and whether she agrees. It is a fair question, and I have to admit that she hits the nail on the head. She stated: “I think it’s the most accurate status that I’ve seen so far on Facebook.

I think it’s one of the best. I think it will likely take awhile to be taken seriously, but I think it’s the most accurate that exists. I like the way it shows you the amount of likes and other interactions that are going on in your account. It also shows you how active your friends are.

One of the things that I think is great about Facebook is its ability to show you all the real time activity going on in your friends’ accounts. If this was a game it would be hard to keep track of all these people you’ve seen chatting like a madman on the internet. This is what I think is good about Facebook. It’s all there, in real time, for everyone to see.

Although you can still see your friend list by going to your Activity tab (on the bottom left of your Facebook home page), active status isn’t actually based on a “like count.” The algorithm is based on the number of interactions you’ve had with your friends, which includes likes, comments, and “likes that don’t really count.” So it’s not a number. It’s a percentage that shows up on your friends’ status feed.

Sure its inaccurate, but thats what happens when you dont have to worry about remembering who you are. If you want to be invisible, you must have friends that you are not showing off.

I know I can be lazy and just make up numbers and post them on my facebook status, but I dont know if its accurate enough for people to use in their studies. I have seen studies that say the number of likes and comments counts are better sources of data.

Another way to figure out what active status is is to look at someone else’s status and see if they have a lot of friends, or if your friends are a lot of friends. A friend is one of those friends you have to call and make an appointment with. A lot of people seem to think that if you have a lot of friends, your status will be accurate. In reality, the number of friends you have has a lot more to do with your overall social life than status.

The number of friends you have is only one factor, but it’s one that counts for a lot. In fact, I wouldn’t even worry about making your Facebook status accurate. It’s even more important to remember that it may not reflect your actual life. Facebook isn’t a very good indicator of how you are. When you look at someone’s Facebook status, you’re seeing them day-to-day. You may not even see them that much.

I know in my own life, I have had to deal with people who are simply not that into me because of my status. I know that’s not always the case and it’s sometimes more than just one person, but it happens.

The problem is not that youre not really as active as youre going to appear to people. If you just wait until a certain time in the morning, youll get to see everything. If you look at it too late in the day, youll get really tired and sleepy. Youll also have to get up a little earlier, and so on.

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